Sunstripes is a new Concept Brand that will rewrite the rules of Outdoor.
The design of technically advanced products binds to a deep research of materials, volumes and colors, creating Hi Tech image and taste, full of innovative details. Warm and romantic, simple and essential, Sunstripes, has a recognizable and clear DNA, enhanced by international patented ideas destined to become elements of usefulness, of which we won’t do without in the future.
A large-scale project Brand completely redefine the patterns of beachwear and more, a breath of fresh air, that is essential for international markets.
More Tanned, Less Wet
Put your body in!
Sunstripes presents its innovative project: Mod. SUNSAND, the new concept of Boardshort
An INNOVATIVE – EXCLUSIVE system of increase of the exposed surface and the capacity of tan. It functionally replaces the custom to roll up the shorts, with lateral hidden openings thanks to which you can tan as same as you are wearing a normal Lycra Slip, while you are wearing classic Boardshorts.
This product, as all the “IN THE WATER” collection, has an innovative treatment, that prevents water from penetrating the garment, in this way it will never get wet. DRY YOURSELF, will become an outdated concept.